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Welcome to the new Nicholson website! We hope you enjoy taking a look around at our services and latest project. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about your upcoming project, please get in touch.

Client Testimonial

What's to say, the job has turned out perfect. After two false starts with time wasting plonkers, along comes Richard Nicholson a cross between superman and surferman to the rescue, the design concept was bound to be a problem from the start with doors at over 3 metres tall not many people wanted to touch the project. Then of course there's the glass corner to the contemporary structure, another head scratcher from the start, with sizes out of the normal and heat loss a major factor.
Along comes Rich to the rescue not letting any of the design problems even cause a hair to fall out of place, everything was just in a day's work for him and the lads.
The result is a perfect over sized glazed end to our extension and a fully glazed corner section, the original design concept was to make sure the project had the wow factor, it really does, it has that jaw dropping affect to everyone that comes to the house, not just for the first time they see it but over again ( how did you manage to get the doors so big at last ) is the most common statement and of course another phrase that cannot be placed in print here (second word is hell). You managed to deliver, without getting into a sweat the most perfect timber, fully glazed, very large end to our extension.
We are over the moon with the end result, thank you for your help with our project.

Elaine and Keith.

Contemporary conservatory